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FR130 used for EPS/XPS replaced HBCD,Capacity expanded to be 8500mt per year


Since 2014, Started Developing the new flame retardant for EPS/XPS which replace HBCD. 

from 2015, the European market and Japanese market banned using the HBCD any more. then the Emerald 3000 from Great Lakes(now belong to Lanxess), and FR122P from ICL Cover the supply volume around 12000mt per year to be today's 26000mt per year. These 2products(Emerald 3000 and FR122P are the polymeric, it sees the better for environment friendly,steady etc). but the cost is high. in order to get the lower cost flame retardant which used for EPS/XPS. 

We developed the FR130, based on the technology of BDDP( like the PE-68, ICL 720 etc) in 2014. 

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