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The effect of environmental protection in Jiangsu province CN


Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Office announced that because of serious damage to the ecological environment in Yancheng Binhai County and Dafeng District, the implementation of these two regions limited approval for a period of half a year.

It is understood that illegal transshipment of landfill chemical wastes in Binhai County, for example: pollute the ecological envi-ronment Seriously, the problem of environmental letters and visits is outstanding, the work of "reduction" is not enough, the    environmental protection infrastructure construction is lagging behind, hazardous wastes are stored out of date, and environ-mental risks are serious.

According to the report, In March this year, the Ministry of ecological environment carried out special supervision on the Petr- ochemical new material industrial park in Dafeng port,   and found that some enterprises stole high concentration waste water and illegal landfill hazardous waste for a long time, causing serious damage to the ecological environment, and the problems of environmental letters and visits in this area.

In view of the above problems, the environmental protection department of Jiangsu province implemented a 6 month area restriction on the whole border of Binhai County and Dafeng district. During the period, all the construction project environmental  assessment documents, except the environmental infrastructure projects and the people's livelihood projects, were suspend-ed.

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