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Factory Address: Ocean Chemical Industry
Hi-Tech Development Zone,Weifang,Shandong, China
Head Office: 9th Floor,Future Plaza,
No.88 Fenghuang Street, Fangzi District, Weifang, Shandong,
China 261200
T:0086 536 8596048
F:0086 536 8596047
The new Oceanchem Group

Oceanchem Group's transformation into a global Br-based chemical company within short term - 15years.

What began as Stated-owned Research Institute for Salt and Underground Halogen Water has grown into Oceanchem Group., one of the world’s leading Br-based chemical companies. From the beginning, the company’s founder, instilled in all
employees a passion for hard work, integrity and results – qualities that endure today.

Now, Under the new – China fast development, Oceanchem Group is a global supplier operating in more than 100 countries
and providing Br-based and P-Based products and services that add value to things that people use or come into contact
with every day.

As the 1990s progressed, it became clear that Oceanchem Group’s regional position in an increasingly consolidating Bromic
chemical industry and enter into the world market.

An Extraordinary Transformation

The transformation accelerated significantly in 2005 when Oceanchem Group started businesss based on Phosphorus,
(Phosphate Flame Retardant and Phosphorus –Nitrogen based flame retardant),thereby expanding new business from
its historical core business-Bromine Industry.This improvement from its Bromine foundation created both the opportunity
and critical need to refocus the company’s future mission. Meanwhile, establish the Imp & Exp company – Globalsources
Asia Limited
and Globalsources Weifang Limited, in charge of the import the raw materials from abroad,and meet the
high quality product production’s requirement, also build the Sales network around China.and distribute the imported
chemicals.Then expand our business scope,and improve the service ability for our customer from home and abroad.

As part of its enter strategy from Phosphorus and Non-Halogen Flame Retardant , Oceanchem Group took a close look at
its internal strengths and competencies to reassess its strongest and most differentiated qualities. The ambition and goal
was soon clarified: to achieve a differentiated position as a global specialty chemical company.

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