Product quality is the life of the enterprise, we strictly control the quality of our products with high quality products to serve you.
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QC Self-Control
Raw Materials

According to the technology and Select the best quality raw materials,to ensure the best quality of finished products for
market,and meet the requirement of all application of customers. And also assure each raw materials is available by 3
suppliers at least. The standard issued by R&D ,and obeyed by all people who is in charge of purchasing.


Semi-finished products, finished products, select the relative lots sample,and delivery to Lab ,test,issue the report, and keep record in QC system, also keep same remained sample for re-checking.

Finished products

The people of each shift select the sample, tested by Lab and keep record, all approved products ,packed and stored. If
negative,all products including the same lot raw materials must stopped using,and re-check follow ISO Quality management system by principal.

In Warehouse

Strict identification storage, warehouse products to ensure that products are grouped together.

Proofread instrument

To ensure the accuracy of each test, the testing instruments strictly proofing, and proofread by a third-party testing
organizations on a regular basis.Each of the indicators to ensure that the sample data test results are accurate, truthful
response to the quality of the sample being measured.


As your potential Supplier, At the beginning of Communication, all partners Prefer to know the situation : Who we are? What we can supply? If we are qualified to be your excellent supplier?

Our aim is to hope to establish long-term stable cooperative relations with you and want to be through trade cooperation and common development of the strategic cooperative partnership to grow together, common development, sharing information, and win-win cooperation.

Our group already has half a century of history, With its own development and growth, we invest a lot of manpower and
material resources in the area of new products, research and development of new products through cooperation and domestic famous universities, professors, scholars, and cooperationpartners to share information, and take advantage of the unlimited future of the Chinese market development and potential, and to jointly cope with new products, new markets,the demand requirements of the New World.I hope and your cooperation, common development and progress.

We strive to make our business activities conducive to environmental protection, human survival and sustainable development.
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From process design, procurement of raw materials, process control, product testing, packaging, warehouse storage, we have established a strict control management system to ensure that customers with high quality and stable product.Process of development in the past ten years, we fully cooperate with the strict verification of each customer, to provide comprehensive and detailed record data, and to lay a solid foundation for long-term and stable cooperation.

All workers with termly training every year,and run strictly the Quality,security,health,Enviroment protection system base on ISO9001,ISO14001 and ISO18000 etc.
Enviromental Protection
Chemical companies for the environment, especially water treatment requirements become increasingly stringent, in order to adapt to the requirements of society and the market, each of our factories to establish a good water treatment equipment, to ensure that all production of environmental protection requirements for the enterprise long-term steady development has laid a good foundation.

35 years of China's reform and opening up, especially the rapid development of the last decade, in order to adapt to the higher requirements of global markets, we continue to staff training, to learn advanced management experience, the establishment of a more comprehensive state-of-the-art management system, in order to provide customers with better quality, better production, processing and custom, after-sales service, we use the company's management system, tracking visit customers in a timely manner.


Customer Lifetime Value is the basis of our long-term and stable cooperation, progress together with customers and improve our pursuit of the goal has been.

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