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A multinational naval activity will be hosted in Qingdao


China will host a multinational naval activity from April 23 to April 27 in Qingdao,Shandong province,to honor the 70th birthday of the People's Liberation Army Navy.


The activity is highly likely to comprise a massive sea parade of major ships, submarines and aircraft from the Navy,along with vessels from other countries,noting it is also likely to be even larger and more spectacular than the sea parade in the South   China Sea on April 12,2018,that involved more than 10,000 Navy personnel,48 ships and submarines and 76 naval aircraft.


China's second aircraft carrierthe first to be designed domesticallyis reported to have begun its fifth sea trial earlier this   week. Observers have speculated that the new carrier will be commissioned before April 23 so it can appear in the unpreced-ented demonstration of the country's naval prowess.


The Chinese military said the colossal vessel displaces more than 50,000 metric tons and will have stronger fighting capability than the CNS Liaoning, the Navy's first carrier, which was refitted from an unfinished Soviet Union vessel.


An insider in China's military shipbuilding industry who asked not to be named said he hoped the electromagnetic railgun bei-  ng tested by the Navy could be displayed in the coming parade.


"If it can show up in the parade, it will tell the world that we are the first to have deployed this state-of-the-art weapon, which   will have the power to reshape the future of naval warfare”.


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